SIMPLY gel enables nail technicians to speed up their service time due to its unique flow characteristics.  This product is ideal for the technician who prefers to use tips.  Without the need of Connector, it is flexible, durable and has great adhesion.   Finish with SIMPLY Super Shine to provide a flawless shine every time.  Perfect for; tips, overlays and fills.



Benefits of Using SIMPLY Super Shine Gel and Nail Designs

Nail art is something which is not restricted when it comes to creativity. You do not have to worry if your nails are not long enough for flaunting creative designs. However; it is important to watch out the health of your nails. You have the option of choosing premium quality Super Shine Gel which now days are easily available at online stores.

The benefits of using SIMPLY Super Shine Gel, Simple Gel Nail Designs are plenty; we have listed significant ones below here:

Enhances the Health of Nails

One of the major benefits of using high-quality nail products and accessories is it helps in improving the health of your nails. Regular using such nail products and using manicure and pedicure services can further decrease the chances of fungus and other infections.

It also helps in getting rid of dead skins and encouraging new cell growth.

Super Shine Gel-based Nail Polish

Conventional nail polishes contain a greater number of toxic chemicals which are prone to health concerns for the wearers especially those suffering from allergies, and chemical sensitiveness.

Using organic-based or natural nail products can ensure keeping your nails healthy. Regardless of what nail gel and brand you choose always look for the ingredients listed suggesting they are completely safe and healthy to use.

It Protects Your Shine Gel Nails Polish

If your nails are particularly weak, or prone to chip or split easily, then using SIMPLY Super Shine Gel and accessories can help strengthen and protect your nails. Your nails take a fair old battering during the day to day chores using good quality nail products enhances your nails durability.

If you have a bunch of events lined back to back, then the best solution is to visit a salon nearby for the gel manicures. Try getting healthy regime for your nails by buying natural and healthy nail into a Super Shine Gel.


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